How to Succeed with Specific Learning Difficulties at College and University

ISBN: 9780285642430

Date of publication: Oct 2013

£ 12.00


For any adult with specific learning difficulties going to college or university can be a challenge. These can present in the work and home setting, learning new skills, meeting new people, and coping with a new environment. From study skills to budgeting, from cooking to relationships. At the heart of this book is its practical approach to provide information and advice that is easy to access and to use. Covering the full range of learning difficulties that students may have: from those on the autism spectrum (ASD) and dyslexia, ADHD and communication disorders, dyscalculia and dyspraxia. This book fills the need for relevant information for students, parents and teachers in a concise, readable and comprehensive way. Drawing on decades of practical, professional and academic experience Amanda Kirby provides solutions that are not only very accessible but also directs you to further reading and resources including apps and websites. Having this information all in one place is like a gold mine, as it has been previously scattered and very hard to find.

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