A Practical Guide to Career Learning and Development: 11-19

ISBN: 9780415816465

Date of publication: Dec 2013

£ 25.99


It is now widely recognised that people need to manage their careers throughout their lives, and career learning and development (CLD) skills acquired while in education will be vital to young people’s future career development. This essential practical guide for all those involved in careers education – either as part of a team or with sole responsibility – offers effective pedagogical strategies, techniques and activities to make CLD accessible and enjoyable, leading to positive outcomes for a wide range of pupils and students. With a focus on a team approach and concepts such as career happiness, resilience and growth, the book moves away from advice on developing traditional careers programmes to take a more holistic approach to CLD. A wealth of useful resources, including lesson plan templates, illustrations, case studies and pupil commentaries, will inspire and support practitioners whatever their levels of experience, while further lesson plans are available. An invaluable resource for teachers with responsibility for CLD, careers advisors, PSHE or citizenship co-ordinators and anyone involved in career development, this book will enable these practitioners, and those supporting them, to develop careers provision that better prepares young people for an ever changing and uncertain future.

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