The STEM Career Board Resource

ISBN: 9780955794339

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The STEM Career Board resource is used by teachers to allow groups of pupils to explore how teams from STEM Careers have to work together in order to collaborate and meet the tasks set. These tasks are set in the form of 'Task Cards' given to the pupils. Each group works together as a team, develop their strategic thinking, identify suitable STEM careers that will solve their problem and then work through a series of constraints that appear to hinder their task delivery. They must think, collaborate and decide together as a team before they present their ideas to the other groups in their class. Contents:There are 30 Task cards, with over 90 Career Cards split over the 4 areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. There are also 8 'Just Suppose..' cards with two blanks that teacher can use to add their own modifications. (Resource also includes 8 Top Careers Card Packs in Maths + 8 Top Careers Card Packs in Engineering + 8 Top Careers Card Packs in Science).

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