The University Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Student Life (RRP £12.99)**CLEARANCE**

ISBN: 9781492185154

Date of publication: Aug 2013

£ 9.75

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To prepare for university, you need more than some pens and a snazzy new schoolbag. The ultimate student bible is here to talk you through every aspect of being a student. This isn't just a book filled with advice, it's also the bizarre story of a student and his friends struggling through four years at university, and somehow making it out the other side. From choosing your course and filling in the UCAS form, to interviews and open days, this book will make sure you make no mistakes in getting into your dream course. You'll learn all about living in halls, freshers week, surviving in a new city, making friends, what part-time jobs to get, and how to deal with landlords and crazy flatmates - even knife wielding ones. There's also the small matter of passing the degree, coping with exams, writing essays, and making presentations. Not only that, but what to do if everything doesn't go to plan. Aimed at both the 17 year old student who's just left school, and the mature student giving higher education a go, it's the most in-depth guide yet to ensuring student life are the best years of your life.

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