Career in Your Suitcase: A Practical Guide to Creating Meaningful Work... Anywhere

ISBN: 9781909193147

Date of publication: Mar 2013

£ 19.99


Do you want to find a career that is: a) based on what you love to do more than anything; b) created from your strongest skills and best assets; c) will let you work anywhere; d) can be sustained and developed even if you move again? then you need A Career in Your Suitcase. In this fully revised and updated 4th edition, this book enters its 15th year of inspiring, motivating and supporting men and women who want to love what they do for a living. Now packed with over 20 exercises that combine to create your unique Career Passport, this edition covers everything you need from finding your passion, to developing a brand, networking on and offline and marketing. This is a 'how to' manual for the career oriented person wanting to thrive wherever he or she may be living in the world. This step-by-step approach will guide the reader through the challenging process of maintaining a professional identity based on skill set, not physical location.

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