Activities to Help Young People Deal with Stress

ISBN: 9781909380868

Date of publication: Feb 2015

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There is a lot of pressure on our young people: media, social media, telephones, internet, friendships, peer groups, parents, school demands, exams and teachers. When pressure turns to stress it can be difficult for young people to manage during what is for them a time of intense physical and emotional change. This book is intended for use by those working in a variety of settings including schools, alternative education settings, Learning Support Units, Pupils Referral Units, Isolation Units, Exclusion Rooms, youth clubs,community groups and similar settings. The activities can be led by teachers, behaviour mentors, pastoral assistants, learning mentors, isolation room leaders and Special Educational needs staff. They can be used in PSHE, Circle Time, one-to-one sessions, small group work and mentoring sessions. The book offers a range of activities that include identification of stress, assessment, the impact of stress upon a young person, relaxation techniques and other ways that help learners to manage stress and anxiety. The content covers: • What is Stress and Anxiety - Definitions • Recognising Stress and Anxiety - What happens when I am stressed? Why I need to do something about it • Managing Stress and Anxiety - Coping strategies and techniques • Moving Forwards with Coping. A4 photocopiable. Ages 11-16.

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