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ISBN: 9786000017255

Date of publication: 2011

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This is a highly interactive and engaging programme designed to help young people explore their next steps and develop strategies that will enable them to succeed in an increasingly competitive, global market place. It contains 14 lessons, each 50-60 minutes in duration designed to be delivered either as an entire programme or through a mix and match approach, whichever is most appropriate for your needs. It will help you deliver lessons that: • give students the skills and knowledge necessary to support their decision making. • help them more fully explore their own potential and develop “career capital.” • investigate the world of work including apprenticeships. • help students acquire the skills to effectively present themselves to future employers and to stand out from the crowd. The lesson plans, activities and associated materials provide everything your school or college needs to enable you to support those students wishing to explore the wider options. It has been tried and tested through our work supporting young people to progress effectively from education and into work and training. The price includes a 203 page printed pack, a CD and photocopy rights for your institution. With a little adaptation, it is also a valuable resource for students in Key Stage 4 considering employment and apprenticeships.

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