Career Guidance Charts: 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9786000024253

Date of publication: Dec 2015

£ 40.00

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This popular edition has now been revised and includes a new graphic layout as well as additional charts. With over 1700 careers in just 53 pages, the Career Guidance Chart publication packs a range of occupational titles into a comprehensive series of career families. The charts cover every major curriculum subject and 34 vocational industries including cybersecurity, utilities and recruitment. Each chart aims to enthuse and inspire learners to consider the variety of opportunities within a sector. Flip to careers in Film and TV and explore with a student the variety of roles within production, performance or responsibilities ‘on set’. Use each chart to steer and guide students to a broader understanding of the sector they want to explore, help them gain context or consider other careers they not have been aware of. Use the charts in vocational lessons, career drop-ins, options evenings or in school liaison work. The CGC publication is an excellent resource for careers libraries, careers advisors and curriculum staff.

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