Aspire, Full Careers Guidance Card Pack

ISBN: 9786000027803
Product description

Each pack contains:
• four packs of 36-60 cards of skills, values, qualities and ‘What’s on your horizon’
• instruction cards of how to use these cards in different
ways for group work and 1-1’s
• three different PDF eyecatching handouts that can be used alongside the cards for group sessions
• lesson plan for how to use in a group (the number of
packs needed as a minimum is half the class number in order to work in pairs but these can be used many times with different classes and year groups)
• provides in-depth careers guidance in a fun, interactive and easily accessible format.

Will help young people to:
• Identify their skills, strengths, qualities and values and what they would like in their future.
• Gain insightful self – discovery and self-awareness that is required for impactful careers guidance and encourages them to take ownership of the process.
• Scale their skills based on how competent they are and how they feel about using these skills. This shows areas for development, skills gaps and where they want to change career focus.
• Inform understanding about career industries they would be most suited to as the skills cards are colour coded into 4 different colours’ according to skills categories.
• Build discussion around how key skills and strengths can be utilised in everyday life and in different ways.
• Acknowledge their strengths and build on them, helping to boost confidence, self-esteem and empower them for the transition to post 16 post 18/19 destinations.
• Reflect on their values to build inner strength. This can help build resilience and reflect on behavior change needed for their career development.
• Produce personal profiles and personal statements needed for college applications, CV writing employment/ apprenticeship applications and interviews in an easy engaging way.
• Develop career planning skills by understanding which types of jobs they are best suited to.
• Identify what really matters to them in the next 6 months or 12 months.
• Identify what they want their life to include within a timeframe.
• Feel more motivated to make changes in their life by identifying the aspects of the future they want and the actions they need to take to get there.
• Gain understanding of different post options and pathways.
• Broaden horizons, opportunities and raise aspirations.
• Build resilience by identifying what skills and qualities they need to make this change happen.

For teachers:

• Powerful and impactful tool for any teacher / careers adviser to delivery high quality careers lessons which is meaningful to individuals.
• Helps schools meet the Gatsby benchmarks and statutory requirement to deliver high quality careers.
• Helps evidence ofsted outcomes including SMSC, achievement of pupils and quality of teaching.
• Packs can be used in a group setting in class, on a 1-1 basis or small groups. They can encourage team working or working in pairs to identify each other’s qualities.
• This comes with guidance sheet, additional activities worksheet of how to use the resources.
These easy pick up card packs makes it easy for any educator, key worker or parent to help deliver quality, engaging career activities. It can be accessible in the classrooms as part of PHSE group sessions and built into the careers programme for schools/ colleges. They can be used in libraries or learning hubs to encourage independent learning when required.

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