How to Pass the Law National Admissions Test (LNAT)

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ISBN: 9781910602201
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Your Law National Aptitude Test is designed to determine whether law is the right career path for you. This guide has been created by the UK's leading recruitment experts with extensive knowledge of exactly what universities are after. Using this comprehensive guide you will be taught: what to expect from your test, how to fully prepare and most importantly, how to pass with ease. Practice hundreds of questions, each with their own detailed explanation on Verbal Reasoning, Inductive and Deductive Ability, Understanding and Interpreting Information and improving your skills on analysing and drawing conclusions. This workbook contains 100s of sample questions and answers for the LNAT multiple choice and essay questions. A full mock test is also provided within this comprehensive guide. If you are serious about passing your LNAT assessment, this is the guide you need.

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Pub Date 2015-05
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