Motivational Games and Activities for Groups

ISBN: 9780863889592
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How can you encourage people to be motivated? How can you create that sense of yearning to achieve or reach a goal? How can you energise and inspire group members? The exercises and activities in this resource will help you to motivate your team or the group with which you are working. The activities are organised in sections from which you can choose to meet particular group needs. These include: ice breakers and warm ups; trust building; building self-esteem; inspiring creativity. aligning values; creating an inspiring environment; becoming solution focused; perception; resilience; and team building. It also includes visualising and setting goals; energy boosters; overcoming anxiety and fear; managing stress; stopping procrastination; and using competition. Whether your group is small or large you will find something for any setting. Many of the activities can also be used on a one-to-one basis in supervision, with clients or students. The activities are interactive and fun. Trainers, youth leaders, counsellors, group leaders, team managers, teachers, care workers and probation officers will find the resource one in which they constantly dip for inspiration. All ages.

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Pub Date 2015-03
Binding Book/Manual