ISBN: 9781786691552
Quick overview A radical manifesto calling for a fundamental change in capitalism and politics from outspoken MP Douglas Carswell.
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'I have been elected to Parliament four times, twice as a Conservative and twice for UKIP. But I have not merely changed parties. I have switched many of my views fundamentally. Westminster, I have come to realise is a cartel - like much of the economy. Things are rigged in the interests of a few. Our democracy and the market system have been subverted. The economy is run in the interests of a new oligarchy. Now I believe we need a revolution.' DOUGLAS CARSWELL. Democracy has been hijacked by a cartel of big banks, big government and big corporate interests. This book shows how it happened, and why it happened. It also proposes a radical reform of politics and capitalism to free democracy from the cartels. Drawing on Carswell's first hand experience in taking on and beating the established political parties, it shows how we can make this revolutionary change happen.

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Author Douglas Carswell
Binding Hardback
Pages 320