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STEP Series 2019/20 Interactive PDF: All Age Groups

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STEPs are a series of individual student workbooks which take students through the stages of career planning from age 11, right through to planning post-18 options.

The workbooks are progressive and are relevant to each year group. They cover a range of issues to help students to understand more about themselves, find out about careers and the world of work and help them to plan for their future. Fully mapped to The Gatsby Benchmarks and CDI Frameworks for 2019. Provided as a digital file, Tutor Notes are also provided free of charge as a separate PDF for each age group. For those new to STEPs, it is a well-established series of six schemes-of-work for careers education, comprising student workbooks and free tutor notes, progressing over six year groups from age 11 to post 16.

The STEPs acronym is 'Skills To Ensure Progression' and the new strapline emphasises how careers education supports students’ personal development, in which Ofsted ‘became more interested’ in during 2019.

This year’s editions have been comprehensively updated to support teachers delivering STEPs in the classroom and careers leaders meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Each of the six workbook’s tasks now have student-centred learning outcomes, designed to encourage student engagement with careers education. We recognise that teachers are experts in their own subjects and experts in delivering learning outcomes, but they aren’t always experts in careers. By providing the learning outcomes for careers education, we trust that it will support teachers to do what they do best - use their teaching skills to deliver learning outcomes.

In addition, each of the workbook’s tasks have been linked to learning objectives from the CDI’s 'Framework for Careers Employability & Enterprise Education'. This enhancement is designed to raise awareness of the 17 'Areas of Learning for Careers Education' in schools and provides the twin benefits of delivering careers-related CPD training to staff.

Each workbook also has new content about the features and benefits of eight elements in good careers provision, to raise awareness in staff and students of the Gatsby Benchmarks. Schools have until the end of 2020 to meet all the requirements and advice in the 'Statutory Guidance for Careers' (October 2018) and we recognise that for most, it is a huge task.

In another new development, there will also be two PPTXs presentations for each of the six schemes-of-work; the first to support delivery by tutors in shorter sessions of form time and the second to support delivery by teachers in longer sessions of lesson time. Each PPTX will show all the tasks and learning outcomes in the respective scheme-of-work, so that all staff and all students may know their purposes; we trust that this development will support teachers to keep students on task.

In a final improvement, all six schemes-of-work have been mapped to the CDI’s framework and to the Gatsby Benchmarks to provide careers leaders with a transparent audit map of careers-related learning outcomes, by year group and across all six year-groups, for their compass self-assessments. Overall, the new STEPs careers programme contributes comprehensively to six Benchmarks (Gatsby 2-7) and presents information about the benchmark for personal guidance (Gatsby 8), all of which feeds into the benchmark about stable careers programmes (Gatsby 1).

So the new edition of STEPs is a careers resource that serves careers leaders’ multiple purposes, providing careers-related CPD training to all staff delivering it and careers-related learning to all students receiving it.

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