The Make it Real: CD-ROM & TOWN MAP

ISBN: 9786000015602
Product description

This learning is designed to be fun! Key Stage 2 students assume life/work roles and work together in their roles functioning as working people in their community. They work in small groups and during the process the students will learn personal and interpersonal skills and begin to understand the services and occupations that make up a town and terms such as community, business, career and occupation. They will also learn the importance of education and qualifications in getting jobs and gain an understanding that there are different learning pathways. This engaging resource can also make a great alternative for KS3 as its appeal is that it has an international and global dimension and an excellent work related aspect. The CD-ROM comprises: comprehensive lesson plans; printable worksheets; in-class presentation material; the spin game and links to National Careers Education Framework learning outcomes at KS2 and PSHE.

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Pub Date 2011-11
Binding DVD/CD