Well of Echoes Tetrarch 2

ISBN: 9781841491998
Quick overview Great storytelling, great characters and great imagination have made Ian Irvine the most successful new fantasy writer in the UK of recent years.
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Santhenar is on its knees. War with the forces from beyond the Void shows no sign of ending. And there is worse to come. The Aachim have invaded with a fleet of formidable battle constructs and the price for their withdrawal is half the globe. The future of the world now rests in the hands of just three flawed individuals: Tiaan, whose knowledge holds the key to a power that can yet destroy all foes; Nish who has sworn to bring the renegade geomancer to justice; and Irisis, whose great talents are hidden even from herself. Now Tiaan is leading her people in a last desperate stand against the Lyrinx...but if they are to survive she must master her new powers or be destroyed...

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Author Ian Irvine
Binding Paperback
Pages 704