Career Horizons 2: KS4 (RRP £65.00)

ISBN: 9786000022525
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Three volumes of lesson plans to support careers education with young people aged 11 to 19. Flexible and easy to use, the lesson plans cover the basic aspects of careers education. They focus on helping young people to: understand more about themselves and the influences on them; take increasing responsibility for their own career development; develop their career exploration and management skills and make learning and career choices that work for them.

Fifteen lesson plans and five standalone activities to support careers education at Key Stage 4. The materials help students to: • appreciate the influences on and challenges involved in making choices and dealing with change • explore opportunities, work environments, student destinations and sources of help and support • develop their self-assessment, research, planning, decision-making and self-presentation skills • make applications and handle selection processes • prepare to move on from Key Stage 4.

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Pub Date 2014-10
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